ZyMot Multi 850ul

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ZyMōt devices are first-of-their-kind and available worldwide and now in South Africa and South-East African Countries.

Our patented approach uses sperm’s natural swimming ability to separate motile sperm from a semen sample. Motile sperm are more likely to help patients achieve a successful pregnancy.

FDA-cleared, CE-certified, ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices efficiently isolate the healthiest, rapidly progressive sperm, to help achieve outcomes that matter.

  • Simple to adopt. Easy to use.

ZyMōt devices efficiently isolate progressively motile sperm, to help achieve outcomes that matter. Minimal training is required, with simple, standardized procedures that help users quickly achieve optimal performance.

  • Work on your timeline.

ZyMōt devices enable processing whenever a sample is ready, eliminating delays caused by an equipment bottleneck. Every ZyMōt-processed specimen represents a significant time savings over traditional methods, such as density gradient centrifugation. Using ZyMōt devices frees staff for other critical tasks, providing the opportunity to improve lab productivity.

  • Fewer steps. More confidence.

A shorter chain of custody – fewer movements per sample – means that ZyMōt devices help minimize mismatching risk, reducing the potential for costly error. Processing sperm with ZyMōt devices gives providers more confidence and should give patients more peace of mind.

ZyMōt Multi 850µL and 3ml Sperm Separation Devices are a better way to prepare sperm. It’s that simple.