HyaRegen 10 ml

  • Self-crosslinked sodium hyaluronate gel for abdominopelvic cavity
  • Prevention or reduction post-surgical adhesion formation in the abdominopelvic area after laparoscopic/hysteroscopic and open surgical procedures.
  • Jelly like gel — High dynamic viscosity enables continuous indwelling in the cavity
  • Micro-cross linking creates loose 3D network molecular structure — Mouldability enables all-dimensional coverage of tissue surface
  • CE certificate (Class III) approved by TÜV SÜD and is being sold and used in many countries.
  • Check Mark Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Introducing HyaRegen® Gel – Your Solution for Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention

Abdonimo-pelvic surgical procedures often lead to the development of adhesions, resulting in pelvic pain and potential infertility. These adhesions occur when fibrous tissue forms contact points between neighboring internal organs.

To combat this issue and prevent the formation of post-surgical adhesions, it is crucial to employ a product that creates a protective barrier between adjacent tissues. The solution should also remain at the application site long enough to effectively hinder adhesion formation. That’s where HyaRegen® Gel comes in.

HyaRegen® Gel is a sterile, transparent, and highly viscous gel designed specifically for this purpose. Its active component consists of cross-linked molecules of hyluronan (HA), sourced from non-animal origins. HA is a key constituent of human connective tissue, as well as epithelial and mesothelial tissues. Through the cross-linking process, HA gains enhanced viscosity and prolonged presence within the body.

As a result, HyaRegen® Gel offers increased viscosity and extended residence time while maintaining excellent tolerability and biocompatibility with the original polymer. It is intended to be absorbed within a maximum period of 30 days. Approximately one to two weeks after application, the HyaRegen® Gel is almost entirely reabsorbed, regardless of the tissue or area to which it was applied.

Choose HyaRegen® Gel for effective post-surgical adhesion prevention. Experience the benefits of its superior viscosity, extended residence time, and remarkable tolerability and biocompatibility. Say goodbye to post-surgical adhesions with HyaRegen® Gel.