MateRegen 5ml

  • Self crosslinked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Uterine Cavity
  • Prevent intrauterine adhesion, and repair intimal injury
  • Indications: all intrauterine operations that may cause injury to endometrium , such as hysteroscopic surgery, induced abortion, hysteroscopic examination, dilatation and curettage and removal of IUD etc.
  • Grade A product recommended in the Treatment Guide for Intrauterine Adhesion jointly published by AAGL and ESGE in 2017
  • CE certification as Class IIa medical device
  • The only absorbable anti adhesion material approved by CFDA as Class III medical device for uterine cavity in China
  • Check Mark Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Introducing MateRegen Gel for Adhesions: The Ultimate Solution for Post-Intrauterine Surgery Care

After undergoing intrauterine surgery, women require specialized care to ensure a smooth healing process. That’s where MateRegen Gel for Adhesions comes in. Specially formulated and recommended for use in women post-surgery, this remarkable gel creates a unique barrier that effectively prevents or minimizes the risk of adhesions.

The composition of MateRegen Gel for Adhesions includes Na-hyaluronate cross-linked (cross-linked hyaluronic acid), disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, saline, and water. These carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to provide optimal results.

MateRegen Gel for Adhesions operates by absorbing into the body and acting as an anti-adhesive agent due to its hyaluronic acid content. What sets this gel apart is its crosslinked hyaluronan molecules, which are derived from non-animal sources. With a unique structure that undergoes controlled degradation, this fully organic gel is free from any harmful substances. Additionally, it boasts an optimal viscosity, ensuring effective application.

During the healing process, MateRegen Gel for Adhesions fills the intrauterine cavities, allowing for proper separation of the operated surfaces. This crucial step aids in preventing adhesions from forming. Remarkably, the gel is absorbed within a maximum of 30 days, usually taking only 7-14 days for complete absorption.

Application of MateRegen Gel for Adhesions is simple and hassle-free. It is specifically designed for use after intrauterine procedures and operations to counteract or reduce the risk of adhesions. When using the product, ensure it is stored at room temperature, protected from moisture and light. Avoid refrigerating or freezing it, and keep it out of reach of children.

Each package of MateRegen Gel for Adhesions includes a 5ml gel syringe, a manual, and a cannula for easy and precise application. However, there are a few contraindications to keep in mind. Do not use this gel if you are hypersensitive to any of its components (hyaluronic acid and its derivatives). It is also not suitable for use in cases of infections and impurities in the surgical site.

To apply MateRegen Gel for Adhesions, use normal aseptic techniques. Insert the syringe into the operating field and connect it to a compatible cannula, such as an 18G catheter or larger. After hysteroscopy or other intrauterine procedures, place the cannula at the bottom of the uterine cavity and slowly push the plunger of the syringe to deliver the appropriate amount of gel, ensuring the entire uterine cavity is filled. Unless advised otherwise by a doctor, there is no need to wash the uterine cavity after applying the gel.

Choose MateRegen Gel for Adhesions as your trusted post-intrauterine surgery companion. With its advanced formulation and easy application, it’s the ideal solution for preventing adhesions and supporting your healing journey.